New 1.5 HP Tire Changer Wheel Changers Machine Balancer Rim Clamp Combo 560 680


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The New 1.5 HP Tire Changer Wheel Changers Machine Balancer Rim Clamp Combo 560 680 is a machine designed for tire and wheel service in automotive shops. It features a 1.5 horsepower motor for efficient operation and a tire changer that can handle a wide range of wheel sizes and types. The machine also includes a wheel balancer for accurately balancing tires and wheels. The tire changer is equipped with a rim clamp for improved stability and safety during the tire changing process. The machine’s compact design makes it easy to use and store, and its durable construction provides reliable performance for tire and wheel service. This machine is a convenient and efficient tool for automotive shops that perform tire and wheel service.


  • 560 Semi Automatic Tire Changer
  • Rim clamping outside 10″-18″
  • Rim clamping inside 12″-21″
  • Motor Horsepower 1.5 HP Strong Motor
  • Mayflower use quality motors as good as Brand Tire changer machines.
  • The bird head is designed with protector and claws are lifetime warranty
  • Maximum Tire Diameter 35″ (900mm)
  • Maximum wheel Width 12″
  • Bead Break force 5600 lbs. pneumatic piston
  • Operating pressure 120-145 psi (8-10 bar)
  • Voltage 110V only
  • Includes 4 clamp protectors and Steel mount head(shown in picture)
  • 447 lbs. Shipping Weight
  • Blue Powder Coat Finish
  • 680 Electronic wheel balancer
  • Rim Diameter 10″-24″
  • Rim Width 1.5″-20″
  • Max. wheel diameter: 44″ (1117mm)
  • Maximum wheel weight 155 lbs
  • Cycle Time 6-9 seconds
  • 110 volt power
  • Balancing accuracy: -1g to 1g
  • Pre set to American Standard Measurements
  • Standard Dynamic Mode, Static Mode, ALU 1-3 Mode, Motorcycle Mode
  • Includes 3 centering cones
  • Includes Quick Release Wing Nut
  • 270 lbs. Shipping Weight
  • Includes all accessories shown in the pictures
  • Blue Powder Coat Finish
  • 1 Year Warranty! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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