Lincoln Precision TIG 375 Welder Ready Pak w/ Cart (K2624-1)


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The Lincoln Precision TIG 375 Welder Ready Pak with Cart gives you the power to perform; it comes loaded with features.

Top Features
• Micro-Start technology – delivers extremely stable low amperage starting, welding, and cratering for both AC and DC welding
• Selectable welding modes such as high frequency, scratch start, and touch start TIG
• High duty cycles; 375 amps at 40% duty cycle
• It has the widest welding range in its class, with a range of 2-420 amps for both AC and DC
• Advanced control panel – The TIG pulser allows you to control heat input for any weld
• Power factor correction capacitors – Lower input currents when welding at high output
• 115 volt auxiliary power receptacles – Great for powering an optional water cooler or power tools
• Built-in storage compartment for torch consumables
• Water-cooled torch connections with no adapters required – side mounted, out of the way, and well-protected

• PTW-20 Pro-Torch TIG Torch (250 amp. 25 ft.)
• Under-Cooler Cart Water Cooler
• Foot Amptrol (foot control)
• Gas Regulator/Flowmeter & 10 ft. Hose Kit
• Zippered Torch Cover
• Parts Kit
• Water Hose (2 included)
• 15 ft., 2/0 Work Cable and Clamp

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