Lincoln Flextec 500X Pulsed MIG Multi Process Welder (K3607-1)


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The Lincoln Flextec 500X multi process welder is easy to setup and simple to operate, yet rugged enough to withstand temperatures up to 131 degrees fahrenheit. The 500X features Lincoln’s CrossLinc technology that enables the user to change weld parameters at the feeder rather than traveling back to the power source. CrossLinc capable power sources may be used with standard feeders, however the full benefits are only achieved when pairing two CrossLinc devices together.

The Flextec 500X is equipped with pulsed MIG technology, including weld modes for carbon, stainless, and aluminum metalcore electrodes. In order to gain the full potential of the pulsed capabilities, simply connect an ArcLink technology feeder. This gives you access to multiple synergic pulse modes. Just pick your mode and wire speed, and the machine will do the rest.

• Stick
• Flux-Cored
• Pulsed MIG
• Gouging

• Easy process selection
• Fully encapsulated and environmentally protected electronics
• Compatible with across-the-arc, analog, digital, or Crosslinc feeders
• Full functionality without control cables
• Enables remote procedure setting at the feeder
• Voltage reduction device reduces open circuit voltage for added safety
• Capable of arc gouging with 3/8 inch carbons

Quick Specs
• 380-600 Volt 3 phase power
• Weight – 120lbs
• Duty Cycle – 100% at 450 amps | 60% at 500 amps
• Output Range – 5-500 amps
• Dims – 19 in H x 14 in W x 27 L

• Flextec 500 power source

No Power Cord Included

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