Generac 5826/5871 10kW Guardian LP/NG Standby Generator w/ 100 Amp Smart Transfer Switch New


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Generac Authorized Dealer

Manufacturer Refurbished 5 year factory warranty
Manufacturer Refurbished Brand new and manufacturer direct
Manufacturer Refurbished Includes 50 amp automatic transfer switch
Manufacturer Refurbished Ships directly from Generac
Manufacturer Refurbished Works with liquid propane or natural gas
Manufacturer Refurbished Authorized Generac dealer


What’s In the Box:

  • Generac Guardian/Centurion 10kw Standby generator
  • 50 amp automatic transfer switch
  • Aluminum or steel enclosure
  • Manual

Provides essential circuit power protection for your home, ensuring the necessities remain powered during an outage. Has the ability to backup a 3-ton air conditioner, well pump or water heater, and the main rooms of your house.

    • Displacement: 530 cc
    • Fuel: Required fuel pressure to generator fuel inlet at all load ranges – 5 to 7 inches of water column for natural gas, 11 to 14 inches of water column for LP gas
      Outputs are based upon natural gas value:
      @ 1000 Btu per cubic feet and 2520 Btu per cubic feet with LP; 
      @ 35,314.7 Btu per cubic meter and 88,993 Btu per cubic meter with LP
    • Governor: (System) Electronic
    • Ignition: (System) Solid-state w/ Magneto
    • Oil Capacity: (Including Filter, Quarts/Liters) Approx. 1.7 qt/1.6 L
    • RPM: (Operating) 3,600 rpm
    • Starter: 12 Vdc
    • Type of Engine: GENERAC OHVI V-TWIN
    • Valves: (Arrangement) Overhead Valve
    • Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
    • Cylinders: (Number of) 2 ; 
      (Block) Aluminum w/ Cast Iron Sleeve
    • Generac® Transfer Switches. Long life and reliability are 
      synonymous with Generac Power Systems. One reason for this 
      confidence is that the GENERAC product line includes its own transfer 
      systems and controls for total system compatibility. 
    • Innovative Design & Prototype Testing are key components 
      of GENERAC’S success in “Improving power by design.” But it 
      doesn’t stop there. Total commitment to component testing, reliability 
      testing, environmental testing, destruction and life testing, plus testing 
      to applicable CSA, NEMA, EGSA, and other standards, allows you to 
      choose Generac Power Systems with the confidence that these 
      systems will provide superior performance.
    • Single Source Service Response from Generac’s extensive dealer 
      network provides parts and service know-how for the entire unit, from the 
      engine to the smallest electronic component.
    • Solid-State, Frequency Compensated Voltage Regulation. 
      This state-of-the-art power maximizing regulation system is standard on 
      all Generac models. It provides optimized FAST RESPONSE to changing 
      load conditions and MAXIMUM MOTOR STARTING CAPABILITY by 
      electronically torque-matching the surge loads to the engine. Digital 
      voltage regulation at ±1%.
    • Test Criteria: Prototype Tested, Nema Mg1-22 Evaluation, System Torsional Tested, Motor Starting Ability
    • True Power™ Electrical Technology: Superior harmonics 
      and sine wave form produce less than 5% Total Harmonic Distortion for 
      utility quality power. This allows confident operation of sensitive electronic 
      equipment and micro-chip based appliances, such as variable speed HVAC 
    • Main circuit breaker: (Line) 50 Amp
    • Rated Power: Rated Maximum Continuous Power Capacity (LP) 10,000 Watts ; Rated Maximum Continuous Power Capacity (NG) 10,000 Watts
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): (in/mm) 48 x 25 x 29/1218 x 638 x 732
    • Max. Load: Rated Maximum Continuous Load Current – 240 Volts (LP/NG) – 45.8/41.7
    • Rated AC Output: (Frequency) 60 Hz
    • Weight: (lb/kg) 407/184.6
    General Information
    • Fuel Consumption: (Natural Gas – cu.ft./hr.(cu.meters/hr.)): ; 
      1/2 Load – 124 (3.51); 
      Full Load – 195 (5.52); 
      (Liquid Propane – ft3/hr (gal/hr) [l/hr]: ; 
      1/2 Load – 42.8 (1.18) [4.45]; 
      Full Load – 70 (1.92) [7.28]
    • Number of: (Rotor Poles) 2
    • Output: (Sound output in dB(A) at 23 ft (7 m) with generator operating at normal load) 63
    • Phase: 1
    • Power: (Factor) 1
    • Rated Voltage: 240
    • Battery: Requirement (not included) Group 26R, 12 Volts and 525 CCA Minimum


    Maximum Watts (LP)

    Maximum Watts (NG)


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    Product Weight (lbs)

    As as authorized Generac dealer, this item comes with a 5 year factory warranty.

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