Cummins RS20AC A061C602 20kW WiFi Quiet Connect™ Series Standby Generator LP/NG with 200A Automatic Transfer Switch Scratch and Dent


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The RS20AC is a home standby generator permanently connected to your house by an automatic transfer switch. The generator operates on your home’s existing natural gas (18kW) or LP Gas (20kW) supply. Access the generator controller on any smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. Operate the generator manually, program the exercise cycle, view status and reports, or schedule maintenance.

The A045P697 Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) has a NEMA 3R rating for indoor and outdoor use that installs between the utility meter and a typical 200-amp main service panel. The generator controller monitors the utility supply 24 / 7 and automatically starts the generator the moment an outage is detected.


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